Wednesday, January 9, 2013

February 2013 group show

This February 2013:

Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco CA presents two shows in tandem 

Archer Dougherty solo "Bound" 
"Venice", invitational artists group show based on the inspiration of the Beautiful city of Italy.

Artwork pictured from right to left: Archer Dougherty and Melissa Hartley.

Venice is a city like no other on earth with its canals, baroque architecture, and fabled history. From Titian, Bellini and Canaletto to Whistler, Monet and numerous other artists throughout history, Venice has been a constant muse and inspiration.  Idealized and romanticized in art and literature, traveled and adored by countless millions, Venice continues to inspire to this day. The grand decaying architecture, the reflections off the grand canal, the dramatic horrors of the Carnivale and the colorful delights of the sinking city all define an otherworldly place, a place of macabre intentions, where imagination fills in the blanks of what is possible.